Twitter bots to get followers

To avoid blocking a personal account on Twitter, it is necessary to familiarize with the most frequent violations of users. These are the actions for which you can create a ban.


The maximum number of new subscribers per day is 200 people. Adding two hundred in a short time is also not recommended. It is better to partially do this in the morning and evening;
The total number of active actions (posts, subscriptions, unsubscribes) – no more than 1000 from one IP. If you need to perform more actions, use the proxy server.


Accounts on Twitter are divided into young and old. Depending on the “age” of the profile, various restrictions are imposed on daily activity.

  • Young accounts
  • Not more than 200 actions per day are allowed.
  • Old accounts
  • The limit for this category of accounts is 400 actions.

Sometimes users of the social network abuse tweets with links to third-party resources. In this it is really important to know the measure. The system is much more loyal to the “live” messages from users.


If you are the owner of several Twitter accounts, make sure that they contain different tweets. That is, you do not need to make reposts of the same third-party record on your personal pages.


Attempts to create an account on behalf of a celebrity almost always fail. Once a specific person complains about the administration, the account will be blocked. Official profiles usually contain a special icon indicating that the user has passed the verification.


Twitter very hard fights against fakes. If the account contains the name or logo of someone else’s company, the ban will follow immediately. Restore the account will not work.


What can not be published on Twitter:

  • Bank card numbers;
  • Numbers of INN;
  • Mailing addresses.

The placement of personal information is punishable.


Do not make reposts of records calling for violence. Also, do not write tweets with threats to someone’s address.


Another taboo on Twitter is the propaganda of illegal activities. The nature of this phenomenon does not matter.

At the present time, the microblogging service is set up militantly against any violators. Problematic accounts will be analyzed in detail, and blocked if necessary. Internet trolling, direct insults and “hate” is what the social network is trying to clean up. A number of certain measures and innovations will allow users to feel more comfortable in this environment.