How to increase followers on Twitter

In each social network there is something special, and on Twitter it’s a hashtag. A hashtag is a single-label mark that is added to a tweet. Before her stands the sign of the lattice.

Hashtags are used in all social networks, but on Twitter – much more often. They are designed to “attach” the post to a particular topic, as well as to promote the account and the extraction of traffic.


This is a quick and convenient way of delineating records. To increase the number of views, it is recommended to add hashtags to all posts.

To add a hashtag, you must write a word before which you add a lattice sign – # without a space. The text will immediately become a link.

Marketers and organizations use frequently used hashtags – they double the popularity of tweets.

Also there are hashtags that do not apply at all.

The information in the hashtags is thematic and can be varied. The main reason for adding them is that other users will find the tweets.

Hashtags are divided into 3 varieties:

  • Thematic (connect the post with a particular topic);
  • event (related to a known event);
  • Mass – for participation in entertainment and other events.

So, at the end of 2017, the popularity was scored by a hashtag # newyear2018, which could be found in tweets with gifts, postcards, congratulations.

Professional bloggers know how effective hashtags can be. To see this, publish 2 entries, one with labels, and the other with none.


  • #followfriday or #ru_ff is a recommendation tag in the Russian-language version, which tells people which user to subscribe to;
  • #followme – hashtag that allows a person to pay attention to his tweet, advertise himself (it is recommended to use it originally);
  • #confessionfriday – with this hashtag, users describe interesting facts about themselves (you can find the most incredible information on it);
  • #lovefood is a tag that indicates tweets about food (it’s interesting that most often it is used by men);
  • #usa is a hashtag devoted to USA, which is used most often by foreign users;
  • #uk – tag, dedicated to United Kingdom;
  • #fact – such a tag is interesting facts;
  • #radiot – a tag dedicated to Radio-T podcasts.

There are other popular hashtags – #photo, #music, #windows, #vkontakte, #twitter, hashtag twitter and others.

The tape with the translation of the hashtag you are interested in is the best way to find new friends by interests.


There are several services with which you can select hashtags. is the most popular website: it maintains a large database of social networks used in social networks, tracks popular trends, conducts their analysis. However, the most relevant data is available only to owners of paid accounts.

WhattheTrend is the second largest site. It tracks the most popular topics for each time slot, by country and city, but the relevant tweets are not displayed.

HashtagifyMe shows related #tags, calculates the popularity of a particular tag in a particular week, month, or other time interval. The right part displays the new tweets on the entered hashtag.

The Tagdef site shows popular and notorious world hashtags on Twitter now, top-users on a specific tag and relevant tags. This is a convenient and useful service, but there are not enough recommendations on it.
Twubs is similar to the standard Twitter search for tags.
Hashtracking is a service that tracks only 1 tag. Free work period is 30 days.

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Any user is able to create a hashtag and make it popular. To do this, enough effort 10 or even 5 users.

You should only follow 2 recommendations.

  • Spread tweets in a short time and often – for example, every 60 minutes for 5 tweets.
  • It is recommended to display a hashtag in the afternoon, because in the evening time the activity of users is much increased – it is able to prevent you.