How to get more twitter followers for business?

It seems that the popularity on Twitter to some comes “just like that” and for one day. Most likely it will be, if before that you many years “flashed” on TV or were a popular blogger. All the rest is just enough to follow a few simple principles to be able to become popular on Twitter from scratch in a short time.

How to become popular on Twitter

Communicate with people

In order to be known as an interesting person and influence others, interact with the community. Communicate with people, be interested in them, take part in discussions, leave comments, do retweets. It is not necessary to fill your page on Twitter only about yourself and your day. The more you interact with others, the faster you will become popular.

If you find an interesting tweet, share it with your subscribers. The author of the tweet will notice your attention and you will certainly be interested in subscribing to the profile. And new users will see that a real person is sitting behind your profile.

Find popular Twitter users in your region and subscribe to them. As a result, you will kill two birds with one stone: you will know what the popular users are spreading, and increase the chances of getting new subscribers (people usually subscribe to the list of the most famous twitteries).

Learn to interest

Do not excruciatingly squeeze out the creative, but learn how to describe even the most ordinary things. It’s unlikely that users will be interested in the same tweets like “I went to the store,” “I returned from work,” “I met a neighbor.” Tweets like “I went to the store and found a thousand on the way back” or “I met a neighbor: complained about barking a dog in my apartment, which I never had” will cause readers more attention.

So, the tweet should cause a desire to retwintunt him or at least answer. Strive for this, even if you describe ordinary events.

Posts in your profile should not be the same. Spread different information – interesting events of everyday life, blog PR, retweets, answers to other users. This can be seen in the profile of popular Twitter users.

Do not pretend to be another person

People like sincerity, so be yourself. Users are not attracted to something that does not really exist.

Be sure to fill in the Bio field, indicating the name, city of residence. Describe your interests, hobbies, character, etc.

If you have profiles in other social networks, enter them all (VKontakte, Classmates, Livejournal, Facebook and others). Also, make sure that friends from these social networks know about your profile on Twitter. When communicating with friends and acquaintances in real life, tell them about your profile on Twitter and offer to subscribe to you.

Do you maintain a blog? Tell about it on Twitter – it will act as an additional advertisement for your resource.

Respect other users

Without this you will not see respect from others. Do not send spam in any form – people do not tolerate it. Sending a message of gratitude to a person for a subscription, be sincere and original. Do not send the same texts to everyone.

The same applies to plugins that update your twitter when adding a blog post. It’s better to describe your new post on your own – it’s more interested in users.

Also, do not answer someone else’s question, if in addition it’s a short answer Yes / No / Maybe. This will not cause users anything but irritation. In this case, it is better to send a normal message to the user.

Be useful

Twitter users are looking for useful and interesting information, not what you did throughout the day. If you can offer people something that will be useful to them, then your posts will begin to be shared. This will increase the popularity of the profile. Also be sure to post tags.

If you are an expert in any field, help users solve problems. To find those in need of help, use the search. As a result, you will form a large audience of loyal followers. You will interest not only those people who have been helped, but also their subscribers.

Post your posts regularly and at the right time

Do not make long breaks in using twitter. On popular profiles posts appear regularly. Subscribers can always resort to a service that automatically removes those who have not laid out anything for a long time.

However, filling out the subscribers’ screen only with their posts is also not an idea. If you post posts every minute, from you quickly all unsubscribe.

Sasha Spielberg knows a lot about the popularity on the Internet – we attach her video to the record of popularity on Twitter. We strongly recommend that you read the expert opinion!

As for time, independently determine the “rush hour” when your posts will receive the most attention. Take into account the time zones in the area where you live.

In an effort to become popular on Twitter, pay more attention not to the number of subscribers, but to their quality. It’s better if there are not so many foulovers, but they are really interested in your profile, retweet posts and actively interact with you.