Highest followers on Twitter

Not so long ago, social networks were used exclusively for communication, but now they have become an excellent tool for earning. Making money on Twitter without attachments is absolutely real. And not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Make money on Twitter

Direct advertising

To publish advertising posts will need a promoted blog with a high and regular attendance. Users should not only be interested in content, but also be active on the page. How it works: the advertiser pays the performer money for advertising on a themed site. It’s great if the account holder adheres to selectivity in transactions with customers. There are times when the advertising post does not correspond to the subject of the blog. This can cause disapproval of the followers in the form of mass retirement. If you want to succeed, do not turn the page into an advertising dump. The pursuit of money must be reasonable and moderate. Do not live one day, always think ahead.

Picture in blog

Many Twitter users earn on placing advertising images in the “cap” of a personal blog. In this case, too, the followers are important. Without them, you are unlikely to attract the attention of advertisers.

Personal information

Advertising links to these or other projects can be placed in a variety of places. Twitter users often use the “About Me” section for these purposes. Of course, it will not be possible to put together a fortune on this, but there will be enough for small expenses. This is a good passive part-time job.

Pop-up ads

In this case, the customer broadcasts ads in your account. He rents it for a while and makes payment for every 1000 views. This method of earning has its risks. Pop-up ads are annoying almost everyone. The problem is that disgruntled users can resort to unsubscription. And it’s far from the fact that the received monetary reward for display of advertising will pay back losses.


Social network Twitter is not surprising with its capabilities. The more famous and popular the account owner, the more often sponsors are hunted by him. That’s why it always makes sense to untwist a personal profile and attract as many followers as possible.


Even the largest businessmen use social networks for free promotion of the brand / goods / services. on Twitter, it’s easy and enjoyable. In addition, there is an effective paid advertising. Create a business account and expand the client base!

Affiliate Links

Never give up financial benefits in a social network, if you read a lot of people. One of the most effective ways to earn on Twitter – the placement of affiliate links in the blog. But remember that the advertised product should be high-quality (and ideally – proven). The more people who passed by reference, the better.

New “inventions”

Creative people like to create something of their own, to go against the crowd. Good imagination and creative thinking will become faithful fellow travelers in the new business. What to think? Yes anything! But this should make life easier for users. For example, you can create plug-ins for social networking or background screensavers. This will require savvy, some skills and, of course, enthusiasm.


New Twitter users often want to earn from scratch. That is, not having a untwisted profile. To start earning without an investment, you need to register in a social network, on earnings services and start an electronic wallet. Then you need to perform simple tasks:

  • do retweets;
  • subscribe to other accounts;
  • place sponsored links in your profile.

This way of earning on Twitter can not be called profitable, but it is an ideal option for every newcomer. Do you want a good and stable income? We advise you to simultaneously untwist a personal account. In the future it will come in handy! Do not forget that the advertiser has a very large selection of potential performers. Try to make your personal profile as attractive and interesting as possible.