Get likes on twitter

Only unique individuals are able to influence other people. A blogger should be able to build a warm and trustful relationship with his audience. Collecting husky and being popular is not enough. How to achieve subscriber loyalty?


Opinion leaders often have their own brand. These are people who are successful in entrepreneurship and who know all the subtleties of marketing. Influencers use different methods to promote their brand, they are always looking for new tactics and approaches to work.

Some bloggers publish books, because the gift of eloquence is their main virtue. The book can attract the attention of new users of the network. To all other things, it once again confirms the fact that the blogger is authoritative in his circles.

Successful bloggers calculate everything in advance, like brilliant chess players. They do everything possible to associate their brand with extremely positive things and emotions.

And if ordinary brands create standard content, opinion leaders really do wonders. They have immeasurable involvement of the audience. This is exactly what every newcomer should learn. Influencers are very familiar with their audience, they know what their followers want.

They help people in various issues, share valuable information. Successful bloggers not only distribute their products, but also offer solutions that are relevant to the consumer problem.

They share their own experiences, going into the smallest details. Leaders of opinions always improve the flow of content, trying to be on “you” with their subscribers.

These people are endowed with courage. Communicate with the public, openly and easily – a common thing for successful bloggers. They do not hesitate to talk about personal. Influencers like to share their views on any issues, thereby showing their outlook. This is what allows them to influence other instructors.


To succeed in this field, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations.

Listen to your audience

It is impossible to be a successful marketer if you ignore the desires and needs of your customers. You must clearly understand what they need. The leader of opinions is simultaneously a marketer and a seller. First find out what the person needs, and after that – offer him a solution to this problem.

More offer – more will receive!

Any serious matter requires effort. It’s just that you will not get anything. Create original content, help your subscribers, answer their questions. Be as close to your audience as possible. Devote users to your life. Sooner or later you will notice the return from the grateful people.

Collaboration with other bloggers

Competition has always been, is and will be, but opinion leaders often make friends with their “colleagues.” They share a common goal. And why do not several “talents” start a common project that will play into their hands? Do it together, help each other. You can cooperate on an equal footing, or you can decide in advance who will stand before the public in the role of leader and who will be his faithful assistant.


To get the right to be called a popular instagram, you need to have many subscribers. The more followers, the wider the coverage. You publish a post – it sees a huge number of people.

This opens up new opportunities for cooperation on Twitter.


  • Use hashtags competently
  • Thematic labels allow you to expand the coverage. But only if you do everything competently.

The audience is not accustomed to admire the habit of “sculpting” a lot of hashtag under the post. On the contrary, it can alienate and disappoint the reader. Discard popular labels in favor of narrow-profile words.

Organize an event

Why not spend time with other opinion leaders, your fans and loyal followers? Such an event will bring considerable benefit to all participants. Take care that everything goes perfectly.

Conduct competitions

A person is arranged in such a way that everything “free” attracts him. And no normal subscriber will refuse to win a valuable prize. For you personally, the essence of the contest is not to reward the lucky person for a certain action.

Your goal is to attract as much attention from the outside as possible, and to encourage all participants to actively discuss your page. Laiki, comments, reposts, mark your brand in Stories. This is a kind of advertising.

Engage subscribers

Show your followers how much you value them. Let the most dedicated subscribers help you with an event or competition. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the confidence of the audience.

Interact with the community

If you identify yourself with a certain group of users on a social network, it’s not enough to get this “shortcut”. It is important to be constantly in the center of events. Communicate with colleagues, meet newcomers, take initiative in creating new joint projects.

Share the hidden

Every person has a personal story. And to be more precise, there are a lot of them. It is not necessary to turn the whole soul inside out, but some moments should be told to your subscribers. The easiest way to gain audience trust is if your life’s ups and downs are somewhat similar. A strong relationship with the audience is the key to success in marketing.

Publish interesting content

Beginners often do not understand why it is necessary to “polish” each post on Twitter filigree. Like, subscribers will be interested, but what about me? In fact, without personal gain, there also has not been. I want to share the original content. A steep publication will see even more users. Is this not a reward for the effort?

And a few golden rules of success:

  • Choose a clear marketing strategy;
  • Activate on the pages of subscribers;
  • Ask questions (increase the desire to discuss).

These recommendations will help you become a real leader of opinions on Twitter.