Followers instantly. How to earn money on Twitter?

Many people ask themselves: “How to earn money on Twitter?” And only a few do not really earn.

Prospero is another way to earn money in social networks. There are no special conditions for participation both in tweet. The main thing that your blog was not automatically filled, was not a garbage dump, and existed in Russian. It is also not advisable to add everyone without reciprocity in following (mass-mass), the blog should not be just for advertising, and it is not desirable that it consisted only of aphorisms.

If you are satisfied with the conditions, and you are satisfied with the above criteria, you can start working in Prospero. You do not need to register for work, you can just log in using the social network. For greater reliability, it will be better to register with them. Suddenly, some problems or problems, it will be easier for you to communicate with the support if you are registered with them.

For work allowed unlimited number of Twitter accounts, the main thing is that they fit the conditions described in the beginning of the article. As you probably already understand, making money on Twitter is not difficult.

A day is allowed to send 15 advertising messages from one account. The total number of advertisements on Twitter should not exceed 15% of the total number of your messages. Carefully follow the indicator, which I marked in red.

If the value is close to the value of 15, you need to send a few simplehuman messages like “hello” to slightly defuse the advertising messages. Then click “refresh”, marked in blue.

To delete the written advertising tweets and retweets it is not necessary. You can get account lockout with zeroing your wallet.

The withdrawal of money is made within three working days to the WebMoney Wallet WMR. The minimum amount for the withdrawal of funds is not, which is very convenient.

An affiliate program is also available for those who have their own website. Webmasters can host their affiliate link and receive commissions. Pay 10% of the advertiser’s payments and 10% of the earnings of bloggers. The second third and subsequent accounts can be registered on their own affiliate link, and receive additional commissions. It is desirable for each account to use a separate browser.

Who is interested in advertising on Twitter, can use their funds to increase the advertising of your site. This will also be convenient for advertisers. One purse in the system for earnings and advertising on Twitter.